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GAPPLU prides itself on developing global partnerships with established institutions and sharing the common goal of excellence amongst industry professionals. We offer business opportunities for mutual benefit and growth through specialized partnerships.

GAPPLU Authorized Training Institution  

We offer the opportunity to become one of our Authorized Training Institutions (ATI). Becoming an ATI means being commissioned to represent GAPPLU and carry out its mission under our umbrella of established standards and ethics.  The ATI continues to operate as its own business responsible for the management and execution of its business activities, but with the added benefit of being fully backed by an established and accredited global partner.

Exclusive Marketing Rights

This partnership is reserved to only one affiliate per country. As a result, an ATI is responsible for all local marketing and business development activities, as well as establishing and administering local chapters.

Appointment of GAPPLU Accredited Training Providers & Trainers

The ATI has the authority to appoint GAPPLU Accredited Training Providers, where GAPPLU classroom courses are provided. Further, ATI can approve local trainers for classroom courses.

GAPPLU Accredited Training Provider (ATP)

GAPPLU Accredited Training Providers are training partners that provide GAPPLU certification courses. Training activities must be conducted in compliance with the standards of the GAPPLU. This may include program promotion and student recruitment for both classroom and eLearning courses; providing local customer service in a liaising role, as well as implementing tutorial and classroom training courses.

Accreditation of Local Courses

In addition to providing GAPPLU certified courses, ATIs and ATPs have the freedom to design and develop their own customized courses and submit them for approval as an accredited course by the GAPPLU. This means that an existing course within your current curriculum may be accredited by the GAPPLU, thereby increasing its endorsement.

Localization of GAPPLU Courses

Every market has its own local dynamic financial markets. The ATI is responsible to ensure GAPPLU courses are suitably localized to meet the needs of the market that they operate in. Where applicable, the faculty and financial training specialists from ATI and ATP may be invited to serve on the GAPPLU Global Advisory Council.

GAPPLU is looking for partners who would like to be a part of this exciting growth. Interesting party is encouraged to contact GAPPLU head office via e-mail
INFOGAPPLU@GAPPLU.ORG for the outlines the opportunity, the options and the potential return you might make from a partnership with us.

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